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Interesting terms I came across when researching gender. So far this is the closest thing to “me” that I’ve found out there, but it’s hard to see which I relate to more… Definitions are so close! Another I found is transmasculine, but I don’t think that’s as much me as these demigenders are.

I love learning about queer things!

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    hullo, self.
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    Holy crap..haven’t been to that page in forever. This still have me listend as Emi Star Gazer Uhura there.
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    This is the closest to how I feel. I feel masculine and feminine though, I identify with both. Maybe more feminine...
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    Language continues to evolve. Cool, just came across this neat terminology.
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    The first time I read this definition was yesterday, and I had a real aha moment. This is what I am, I think. It’s so...
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